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I went to the dr. today with the chief complaints of my sciatic nerve causing much pain and also causing my left foot to “drop” He sent me for an MRI tonight and said we would go from there. He says the problem could be permanent and not much more. Are there exercises I should be doing to help the muscle as it is atrophied when compared to the right calf. Any information you can give would be appreciated.


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    Barbara,How long have you been having the problems, and what kind of specialist did you see? You need to see either a Neurologist or Orthopedist initially. I would not get too concerned unless this problem has been going on for a while and you just now reported it. If it is acute, medications, PT, and/or surgery can probably help the problem. You might even benefit from seeing a Chiropractor if the only option you are given is to have surgery, or told that you just have to “live with it”. Please let us know what your doctor tells you after he gets the MRI results. Good luck.


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    In July of 2013 I underwent major surgery due to herniated L3-L4-L5 discs. As this was the fourth time this has happened, my Doctor decided that the only logical solution was fixation of the lower spine with titanium screws and bars.My back is now fine, and I have no pain at all. The problem is the Drop Foot and I am now wearing a brace to hold the foot in the correct position. Bit by bit it seems to be coming back to life. Today my physio said that my big toe moved up, and this is a big move forward. The lower leg/foot brace is really not too comfortable, but the effects are worth the discomfort. The more walking you can do the better it seems to be, even though it feels exactly the contrary.


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