Drop Foot – Decompression Surgery

Two and a half years ago I suffered a dislocated knee injury from a water skiing accident. Alhthough me knee has recovered, the porenial nerve was stretched and bruised leaving me w/ drop foot. I have met w/ an orthapedic foot specialist at Healthsouth who advised that the only correction at this stage would be a tendon transfer. Although I have experience some minor improvement and emg reports indicated that some nerve regeneration had occurred, he advised that the muscle has atrophied too much to ever regain dorsiflexion. I found a specialist in Houston who claimed that nerve decompression surgery might benefit me. Do you think this would help and is there any option short of a tendon transfer that I should consider. Please advise as I don’t like wearing my afo and am wreaking havoc on my good knee w/ each step.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If you will do a Google search for Peroneal nerve decompression you might get some information. I feel that discussion of your concerns with your doctor is best


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