Dull frontal ankle pain

I have been crosstraining for approximately 3 months now, and about a week ago notice some pain in the front top part of my foot and lower ankle. I have not had any swelling, but the pain is a dull nagging type that sometimes moves a little up my shin and more towards the outer part of my foot near the bone that sticks out. I have had shin splints before and this seems different in its location, and it does not hurt like a sprain as I can walk on it normally. I have used some over the counter muscle pain/joint relief cream with little change. Should I treat this as a simple sprain and give it time, or consult a doctor for more extensive look at it? What is your prognosis based on just the information provided?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You need to have this evaluated. In the differential diagnosis would be shin splints, stress fracture, capsulitis of the ankle joint.
    I can’t give you a prognosis without more information. Get this further evaluated.


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