Hi I’m a 19 year old male who was injured in 1988 in an earthquake. My elbow was severly crushed and put back as best as possible under difficult conditions. During the christmas of 2011 I had an elbow sergery which slightly helped. Along with the elbow being crushed the muscle tissue was also torn, leaving a very noticable scar. My question to you is, are there any possibilities out there which can replace muscle tissure/density of muscle along with plastic sergery to take away some of the scaring? Thank you, If you can help in any possible way it would help. ak

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    My question is this, about a year ago I had brain trama as well as injuries all over including my elbow. I was told that I had bleeding in my head and that was the reason why my body produced more bone to the elbow (HO?). Since I was relased from the hospital I have been unable to reach full extnsion. My elbow was fixed in a 45 degree angel tell recently that I had sergery again and am able to to extend with 5 degrees now. I plan to wrestle still only recovery is slow, any insight from your side would be greatly appreciated. thank you


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