Elbow Hyperextention

I have been lifting weights for about 8 months now with out any problems. One week ago my elbow started hurting.
I think I hyperextended it doing Preacher Curls.
It does not hurt when doing a bench press however on when curling, I get a sharp pain shooting from my elbo along the right side of my fore arm.
How should I treat this.
I have not lifted for a week and I still have some pain in the elbow if I move my arm suddenly. Thank YouGTO

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    I dislocated my elbo three months ago, the radial head was fractured, the bones that meet separated and tore off the ligaments, there was another small fracture and there were bone shreds. They operated and reattached the ligaments and I did not need pins or plates. I’ve been in physical therapy for about 2 months and I have my upward mobility, however I cannot extend fully. A theraputic brace straightens it and so can the therapist, but it pops back up. The Dr. wants to do “manuplation Therapy” on me next week. Since I have only been in therapy for 2 months, do you think it is too soon to resort to this method? Do you know how long it normally takes to rehabilitate an elbo injury like this? Thank you.DLH


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