elbow pain

about 3 months ago I was in the hospital and got an iv in my arm at my elbow site on the medial side. they messed up and had to redo it because they went through the vein. since then I have had horrible elboe pain. it hurts to extend and retract my arm. ehat is wrong?

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    Hey, my left elbow has been injured for about 6 months now. This is due to weightlifting. About a month ago I went to get xrays done, nothing was wrong with the bones. So then I went to get an mri, and it showed nothing was wrong. So I started to lift again. I didn’t lift very heavy but it wasn’t too light. About a week of lifting, my left elbow started to get swollen right above the bone on the back of your elbow. Please tell me anything you know of what it could be and how I can help it go away. thanks


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