Elbow Pain

As far as I can remember the pain started when I punched a punching bag, it is on the back side of my elbow, elbow cap I guess for lack of a better term. but the pain went away in a few days.. It keeps reoccuring when I play sports like baseball and volleyball, but not everytime I play. should I look into buying a brace? also I was researching this problem and suggested treatments or preventions were, stretching before activities and strengthening surrounding muscles.. how do you stretch your elbow?? and what exercises do you perform to strengthen the target muscles??

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    My friend was squashed between his horse and the gate a few weeks ago and injured his elbow (probably chipped) and shoulder and refuses to see a doctor. you can feel something when palpating the elbow (possibly chipped bone) it seems to be filled with fluid, will this type injury heal on its own if left alone?


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