elbow tendonitis?

I have horrible pain in my elbow which hurts when I move it, and especially when I live ANYTHING of any weight.
It’s been hurting for over six months now and is getting worse.
I was told it was tendonitis and my general dr. has given me 2 cortizone shots that haven’t worked.
They seemed to give relieve only for 1-2 days.
I’m concened about where she administered the shot which were in directly under the skin near 1 inch either side of my elbow.
Shouldn’t it have been done in the joint?
I had a shot 13 years ago for wrist tendonitis and remember it was very painful (the shot) and it was put IN the joint.
Should I go to an orthopedic?

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    Dr. Xavier Ibarreta

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    Some injections are intended to go into the tendon, others are intended to go into the joint (depending on the source of the pain). It would be best to get examined by an orthopaedist or chiropractor to assess the injury and determine your present level of function.If it is tendonitis, soft tissue work, stretching and exercise rehab can do wonders. There are also several forearm supports you can buy. Best of luck.Dr. Ibarreta


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