Electrical Stimulation and Pregnancy

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I am wondering if electrical stimulation of the muscles of my upper back will harm a growing fetus.
I am 2 months pregnant and my chrio says it’s fine since it’s not close to my uterus but I’m worried.
It really is the only way to get my muscles loose enough to align me correctly though. Are there any studies that have been done on this?



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    The use of TENS in pregnancy has been done for years in europe. In the US we were taught that it is contraindicated during pregnancy. I know of no studies that using it would harm the child or fetus. I would ask your OB and see what they think. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything to worry about but I have no definite answer to ease your mind. Chiropractic care has been very beneficial to my pregnant patients for relieving pain. Do you see a chiropractor?


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    I am not pregnant right now, but working on it. I am in physical therapy 4-5 days a week for post-operative care after a shoulder injury. I had the initial surgery last year. I was pregnant in December of last year(2006) and miscarried in March of this year. We don’t know why the miscarriage happened. I was receiving e-stim for PT during the time that I was pregnant. Is it ok for me to continue e-stim if I get pregnant again? My ob/gyn and my surgeon say that they have not encountered this and are not sure.


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