Entrapment of the radial nerve

sounds like I have tennis elbow however it started a few years ago while working on art project and having to bend a lot of metal with wrong tools! Kept working through pain.Eventuallly pain went away (rt arm) but noticed a problem then and it has not changed.I once could throw a great game of darts. Since then I Cannot hit board even! Even concentrating the dart will miss board and hit to far left. The pain comes back only with excessive strain. The dart throwing is no big deal but is the reason for my question. Did I cause some perminent nerve damage? Even with no pain for months or years same thing happens. Lately my right pinky finger is numb and I also did a lot of heavy lifting the past wek and the pain is back. I know it will go away again but more conserned about nerve damage or other? entrapment of radial nerve maybe?


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