exercise 16 months after severe calcaneus fracture

I am a twenty-one year-old male, and I shattered my heel 16 months ago, was off of it completely for 2.5 months followed by 4 months of physical therapy. I started going jogging once or twice a week this summer, and felt ok if I’d stretched out a lot and started by walking for a mile or so.A friend recently told me that high impact activity like jogging can be dangerous after breaking a bone in your feet- can destroy cartilege, speed up the onset of arthritis. Is this true, should I get a bicycle, or would jogging help my heel heal?Joel

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I do not know all the particulars of your case. While your friend might be correst, he may also be incorrect. Your doctor who treated you would know better.


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