Exercise limitations with a meniscus tear

Hi,My April 7, 2016 MRI indicated 1)a posterior horn medial meniscus tear, with possible bucket handle configuration and displaced fragment in the intercondylar notch.2)Grade 1 sprain of the medial collateral ligament. 3)A 1.5×1.0 cm ganglion cyst associated with the posterior cruciate ligament. 4)mild to moderate chondromalacia patellae involving the lateral facet.By now with RICE and 1200 mg Naproxin per day, the knee has recovered enought to start exercise again. I have almost full movement with no locking or instability. The knee movement is not as smooth due to the slight hitch maybe caused by the displaced fragment. My question is what limitation should I follow- besides not engaging in basketball and other stressful sports at my advanced age of 63. That’s how I first damaged the knee this past Christmas. Are exercise machines such as Nautilus leg press, leg entension and leg curls ok if I start conservative and work up to the greater resistance once used.

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    I injured my knee after running three weeks ago, and I suspect that it may be a mild meniscus tear. I can’t run because it hurts too much, but are the elliptical or stair machine ok? The pain is relatively mild.


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