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I have recently become the owner some Dr Scholls wooden exercise sandals, but I have since read an article in a magazine which relates to flip-flops not being good for the feet because the toes have to execute a gripping action to hold them on, and in the long term this could lead to foot deformaties such as hammer toes. However the toes effectively do the same with Dr Scholls although there is a ramp type mould that sits under the toes for them to grip. I am told they should exercise my toes and make them more flexible, and get my lower leg and foot muscles back into shape after an injury to my calf about six months ago whilst playing squash. As I understand it Dr Scholl exercise sandals are good for the feet and legs and should be good for my calf muslces and toes, making them both stronger and more flexible. However having read this about flip flops and hammer toes I am concerned as I find my toes have much more work to do holding Scholls on than I do if I wear lightweight thonged flip flops, with the bit between the big and second toe.A couple of other questions 1 – Is it ok to wear them all day like other sandals?2 – How loose/tight should the strap be3 – Since I’ve had them and been wearing them I seem to have developed a lot of hard skin on the soles of my feet, notably on my big toes and heel (where the sandal flips against the foot). on the heels I seem to have quite thick calluses now, and wonder if this is normal from wearing them. Regardless of my questions I have found the Scholl’s wooden exercise sandals to be the most comfortable footwear I have ever own. Jez

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You already know what happens when you wear these- your skin thickens and dries out from the slapping of the shoe. As far as making your toes more flexible, I think that depends on how much you wear them etc. Personally, I do not find them comfortable. As far as wearing them, I am not sure there is a time limit . and as far as the strap goes- whatever seems comfortable.


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