Exercise with stress fracture

Am new to this forum. Doc said may have stress fracture (our lab stepped on my foot!) Will know Monday (xray equip broken). I am an obese female with mild emphysema who has been doing a walking program since December – it has made all the difference for me – and I CANNOT stop exercising just because my foot may be injured! Any suggestions? He’s already told me to take it easy this weekend until we find out. Can I pack my foot in gel packs to protect foot? Obviously, I’m grasping at ideas! I would appreciate any & all ideas on how I can keep walking thru this injury. Sorry so long! Thanks!

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    Hi ybnormall

    I have the perefect solution for you: Waterwalking.

    You can use a floatation belt that holds you at approximately shoulder depth in deep water. All you do then is “walk” without touching the bottom. Lean forward about 5 degrees and you’ll progress slowly forward.

    With your body submerged this far under water your target heart rate is reduce by approximately 20 beats per minute so if you monitor your pulse during exercise expect it to be this much lower.

    You can waterwalk as long as you need to but I suspect that eventually your doc will have you “applying load” to the fracture site to enhance bone formation there.

    You can also trying a rowing machine to see if that doesnt bother your foot or something called and Upper Body Ergometer (like a hand crank “treadmill”) to continue burning calories while your foot heals.

    Hope that helps,


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