Extra Bone in spine

About 5yrs ago I was told by several doctors that I have an extra bone in my lower spine and that the pressure was causing the disk to deteriorate and the vertabre to crystalize. I am now 6 1/2 months pregnant and my concern is could the pregnancy be causing my condition to worsen and if so is going paralized a possiblity.

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    You posted this 4 years ago, but only recently have I been interested in the “extra bone” in the spine issue. Hopefully you see this invite to discuss… I too was informed that I have a “transition” bone (extra) in my spine. Its disc is somewhat hourglass shaped and was nearly misdiagnosed as a “phase 3” with no bone spurs yet. I had micro-siectomy surgery for a 6mm herniated L4-5 disc 2 weeks later that proved to be quite successful. I however, was not told that it was the cause of the herniationherniation.


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