extreme pain moving from foot to foot !

I’ve experienced the following problems on and off over the last few months.
It started off as extreme pain on the top of my left foot running parallel from my 4th smallest toe back to the start of my heel, making it very difficult to walk on.
Some ibruprofen and lot of massage in the affected area ( which was painful) eased it off. Then on and off weekly I had episodes of this recurring plus the same pain under the arches of the my left and right feet. Again massage,rest and time was the only relief. I used to get a golf ball and roll the arch of my foot over it. Although this was painful it loosened off the tension.
It’s been capped off by me waking up today with the same pain now in the back of my right heel, which makes it sore to place my foot on the ground! It feels like a muscular or ligament problem, but I don’t understand why it keeps moving from foot to foot or keeps recurring?


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