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Hi, i’m looking for some advice. Five or so years ago i started getting severe pains in both my legs in the shin area. I had been playing football 8 days a week. My doctors firt diagnosis was stress fractures on both shin bones. I had orthotics custom made for my shoes. Every spring i try to resume training but the problem still seems to persist. I returned to my doctor last summer to try and get to the root of the problem once and for all. This time he sent me for an MRI scan, the results of which came back clear. I am very confused as i am still suffering the pain. My doctor says that i have 2 options. (i) play through the pain, (ii) surgery, but he doesn’t recommend the latter. is surgery the answer? do i need to change my doctor?
pol c.

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    When you return to football, do you ease into it? Playing one day, resting another day, then playing the third day? If you follow that pattern and you experience no pain or minimal pain (if so, ice it!), then play 2 days, rest a day, play 2 days, etc. Build up your workouts slowly and gradually and always take a conservative approach. It may be that you are returning too quickly and overloading the shins again by jumping back into it everyday. Hope this helps!


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