Extreme rear & side heel pain

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I have extreme pain in the rear of my heel and under my heel.
It is not a heel spur.
I tore ligaments about 20 years ago and had a very bad sprain in my ankle on the same foot.
I wore a cast for about a month, as there were hair fractures too.
What could be causing this pain – as its been 20 years since I sprained the ankle.
I feel pain even while resting and its especially bad after I have been resting it up for awhile…
I can’t walk on it and need crutches for awhile until the pain dies down a little.
What could this be?
My doctor says there is fluid in the inner side of my heel.
She thinks its arthritis and has perscribed orthodics, but could this be something else


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I probably would request an MRI and go from there.


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    : I have extreme pain in the rear of my heel about two inches up from floor. No side pain just the rear. It is not a heel spur. I had a spur removed ten years ago and the Plantar Fascia was cut at this time/It hurts to walk. I’m soaking it three times a day


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