failed subtalar fusion

We live in Minnesota and are very interested in any new techniques that may help my husband live a normal life without pain. He originally injured both his ankles in Jan 1997 A crate a steal fell on his thighs taking him to the ground…folding him like an accordion. The top of his feet were pressed against the shin bones. It was so heavy a forklift had to remove it. He could not walk at all. Nothing was broken as far as the bones go anyway. The right foot healed but the left has been nothing but a painful mess since then. He was not able to do his job as a truck drive much less anything else. He did not have controlled side to side movement and the arch fell. A new doctor said he could fix it with a subtalar fusion. That was done in Oct 1997. He has returned to his job but lives with the daily pain. He wears an Arizona brace now after many failed AFO’s. The foot has been reinjured when he slipped this past winter but not to the degree of the first injury. Most of his pain is across the top of the foot and up the back outside of the ankle. Although he will say the whole thing always aches and gets more painful as the day goes on. He has had cortisone injections as well as physical therapy with other med and ultrasound. It is painful even to the touch. His doctor again is telling him he cannot continue his job the ankle simply will not withstand the dally abuse. He is 31 years old so hearing this is devastating. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    First, I am sorry about your husband’s unfortunate injury. I like the Arizona brace for non surgical patients. Without seeing his foot and X-rays, I can’t tell you specifics, but has anyone discussed a Triple arthrodesis? You need to get another opinion to get more information. Another thought is to see a pain management specialist. Good luck.


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