Fallen Arch

I sprained my foot about five months ago. It has healed, but I just noticed that the arch in that foot fell. Could it eventually cause any problems? There is no pain right now, but I want to be safe and protect it for the future.

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    Hi, I know your concern. My arch just fell yesterday, very painfully. I assume because my job requires me to stand and walk constantly for 8hrs a day. So today I’ve been looking up some info about it. I’m not a doctor. But apparently there are some safety precautions you can make use of. For example orthotics. Daily exercising your feet can’t hurt either. Like standing on the stairs, let the front half of your foot hang over the edge and try to curl your foot down. But I have a question. Is it possible to sue your workplace because it causes a person’s arch to fall causing them severe pain for the rest of their life? My workplace doesnt have so-called padding underneath the flooring. So its like walking on a cement floor all day. Then there’s working 8hrs a day without breaks or rest periods because of my job requirements. So is it possible?


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