Fallen arches and inflammation

My podiatrist has diagnosed pain and burning on bottoms of my feet as fallen arches and inflammation due to wearing shoes with poor support and my age of 79 years. I am wearing sturdy, lace-up shoes with an orthotic insert and, at home, rolling a frozen bottle of water over the floor with my foot to decrease inflammation. Two applications of ice has not improved the burning redness. What is the actual medical term for fallen arches and should I get a second opinion for my condition?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Pes planus. It is difficult to expect just 2 applications of cold to change the condition. Of course without examining you, I can’t be sure, but one possibility is that you could have neuropathy. If you want to get another opinion, by all means, do so. Life is too short to limp.


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