Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If you are asking about injections of fat or some other substance in the heel area, then no. The foot presents an impossible area to treat like that as the substance will dissipate with walking.


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    I am uncertain. But at this precise moment as I type I am experiencing a singeing sensation on the plantar aspect of my right foot. I have worn my sock for some two or three days ie the same pair of socks;i wear compression stockings closed toe. I suspect that such excruciating pain as so experienced;naturally I have to attend to it by pulling the shifting sock into proper alignment over the toe IS CAUSED BY FRICTION OF MATERIAL AND SKIN.AND I SUSPECT IT MANIFESTS SUCH A CONDITION BECAUSE OF THINNING OF THE FAT PAD within the plantar region. It seems to be positioned around the third and fourth metatarsal. I have just recently worn socks that are slipper socks and that enable purchase on floor surface and they seem to suit such a suspected condition quite well.IF I AM CORRECT CONCERNING THINNING OF THE FAT PAD AND THAT THE CAUSE OF SUCH EXCRUCIATING PAIN IS INDEED THE FRICTION OF SOCK MATERIAL AND SKIN apart from daily change of sock WHAT ARE REMEDIAL ASPECTS OF IMMEDIATE CORRECTION TO SUCH A STATE OF AFFAIRS. I am fifty-eight years of age but very young for my age. I do have persistent problems with biomechanics of what is happening inside my boots and because I have unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the left knee have recourse to walking with a pair of crutches daily. I wear insoles in both boots and they are rocker in design to assist comfortability of gait which is usually present;although today it is not so as the sock being worn continuously is slipping in its purchase between itself and the compression stocking I am wearing.PLEASE ADVISE


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