Femur Fracture 1-23-10

Hello. I am 63 year old female who has osteoporosis. I tripped? and fell flat on my right hip full force. Had full rod put in 1/24. Back home, doing ok on crutches. Seem to be healing. I have No Insurance, but I KNOW I WANT Good PT, as I want to get myself back physically. I am thin and small-boned. I’m scare of what it’s going to cost me, but it’s my body, and I ain’t done yet! I don’t want to limp, etc. I want to walk tall and strong. I just know I need to be pushed with with someone else to get through the pain of PT (cannot push myself that hard alone, and don’t know the exercises. I tend to have weak ligaments/tendons, too, which isn’t good, but I can still way strengthen my muscles. Thank for any general feedback. See surgeon tomorrow (12 deys after surgery). What should I be asking him. I’m going to have to press because he knows I don’t have insurance. Thanks much.

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    Sorry I missed your question, but have you ever heard of the drug Forteo for osteoporosis? It’s supposed to be pretty incredible stuff.


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