Figure Skating Injury in landing foot…?

It was the first day back on Sunday, Sept. 8th, 2002. I was having problems with my hammar toe from my running shoe. (The running shoe indented my hammar toe further in toward my pointer toe.) So I put a sponge between my two toes. What a mistake! Not only did I get pain in my toe and base of my toe, something in my foot popped and seaared with pain near my right foot’s arch. It’s still swollen. I’ve been taking Advils to numb the pain and get the swelling down. I skated the next day thinking the pain had left but as soon as I did a sloppy landing on a jump, it was back again. I skipped myu skating session today partly to give my foot time to heal and because of my 19 year wedding aniversary. Skate again on Thursday. The back of my heal is sore too. Last year I suffered with tendonitis in my both Achilles tendons. Hopefully this won’t be so this year. Oh, my day job has me standing on my feet all day. Got to pay the skating bills somehow.
It’s not age that determines the out come but the heart.

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    Fixed it myself with ice, raising it and ancle brace. Wore the ancle brace every waking moment that I wasn’t icing it or raising it. Plus, I was taking Advils. In other words figure skater heal thy self. Thanks anyway.


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