Firefighters chin splints

I am a female that is getting into the fire service, I am an exellents runner and in my trainning classes I kick 95% of the guys butts and I am only five three weighing 140, mostly muscle I would like to think… I have been getting the worst chin splints its like mt tibialis anterior swells and turns rock hard then when I try to dorsiflex my foot I have a limmited range of motion by halfway up. What do I do, I just bought new shoes the same shoes I usually were and don’t usually get this at least not this bad.Please help

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    May PT

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    If you don’t stop the running, and give your shins some rest, you will not only not get any better, but will likely get even worse. You can easily develop Stress Fractures and/or Compartment Syndromes if you do not stop and rest immediately. Please go to an Orthopedist for an evaluation. I am sure that h/she can give you a medical excuse to allow you to skip the remaining portions of your running drills. You can still continue to do everything else for the fire service. The doctor can give you medications, and a referral to a Physical Therapist…these things will allow you to fully heal much quicker than you would otherwise, and the PT can help work with you to get you back to running as soon as possible. Please let us know how you make out, and good luck!


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