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im 44, and 50 lbs over weight. it rains, and is too cold outside to go jogging where I live. so heres my question. if you could have only one piece of fitness equipment, (treadmill, eliptical, bowflex,cross country ski machine, etc)and your goal was solely weight loss, which would you buy?thank you for your time.

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    To lose weight you need an aerobic activity. It really depends on what you like to do. Remember though, running can cause trauma to joints over a long period of time….sore knees, ankles, etc. Lot’s of long time runners have aches and pain complaints. I would recommend a low impact aerobic type of machine. However, if you do like to run a little and still would like to be able to do low impact, I would suggest a really good treadmill that has an incline. Bowflex is mostly weight training, but if you do low weights and high reps you can also lose weight, but only if you keep your heart rate in the target of aerobic capacity. I feel that if you do any exercise long enough and every day you will lose weight. Get the machine that you like the best and get on a consistent workout schedule and you will lose the weight. Mix this is with some exercise videos to get a well rounded exercise program. You can get these free from the local library or really cheap on ebay or if you have “on demand” they have tons of great exercise programs. I really like yoga and find it strengthens, improves flexibility and also give you some degree of aerobic activity. Good luck!


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