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A few years ago I went to a podiatrist in Pasadena who referred me to an orthotic specialist to help with my flat feet which seems to be the cause of occasional ankle pain due to over-pronation. But the orthotics I received did not seem to fix my problem – they were flat orthotics with a “ridge” down the middle to “relax” my foot. What do you recommend for someone with flat feet? I believe my flat feet are also the cause of my knee pain since the inward collapse of my ankles puts stress on my ACL’s. Thanks.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Many podiatrists including myself utilize both custom made and pre-fab orthotics. Patients all vary in their needs and wants. There are times that I will tell a patient one type or another will not work for them. In all my years of practice I have seen many types of orthotics that people have gotten elsewhere- from their physical therapists, orthopedist, chiropractor, sporting good store, state fair or convention, etc. If they work and the patient is happy with it- I never argue with success. If they don’t then I do a biomechanical evaluation including watch the patient walk. There may be a better orthotic for you, but the only way to know would be to examine your feet. You might want to consider making an appointment with another podiatrist and explain your concerns again and tell them what did not work. Good luck.


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