Flat Feet

I play hockey and have flat feet. I do my best on the ice when I tie my skates tight, and have gotten used to my skates being tight. But about fifteen minutes after I put my skates on I start to get this terrible pain on the outersides of my feet( not my arch area), and when I take my skates off the area where I was having the pain and my pinky toe are all red. Is there anything I could put in my skates to relieve this pain?

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    I think you can look into orthotics with a foot doctor or chiropractor. The inserts should eliminate the need to tie your skates so tight. You can also look into a slightly wider skate to accomodate the flatening (and consequent widening) of your foot in the boot. Flat feet are pretty common and you should be able to find a way past it so that it doesn’t slow you down on the ice.


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