Flat feet and ankles that roll in

Hi, I’m 16 and in severe pain after working out. I have arthritis which is from overuse from years of competing it athletics. I would like to get something that will help my ankles from rolling inward when I walk. My feet are completely flat and have no arch at all to them which causes my ankles to roll inward therefore making it horribly painful to run. The doctor I work for suggested a medial lateral shoe insert. If you could recommend something or tell me what could help I would appreciate it alot. Thanks!

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    Hi, I’m looking for a physical therapist in Manhattan who specializes in helping people who have feet, knee and hip problems resulting from excessively lax ligaments. She/he should be able to train me in the necessary exercises that I will have to do to on an ongoing basis to maintain strength of muscles around ligaments. In the past 10 years I have been through 11 orthotics, four podiatrists and, lastly, an orthopedic surgeon who finally sent me to physical therapy where I finally saw some results. I really need someone who understands hyperflexibility, not just sports medicine. Many people with hyperflexibility don’t go into sports because their condition makes sports difficult for them. So, sports therapists in general do not have much experience with hyperflexibility. For instance they don’t know what stretches to teach because people with hyperflexibility have to do different stretches to relieve contractures. Get my drift? Regards, Elaine


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