Flexor Tendon Cut

Hey guys wanted to give you an update on my flexor tendon cut..

2 weeks ago I had surgery on my wrist to repair a very deep cut on my wrist during my construction job. They said that I had two of my tendons cut, my artery was lost and my muscle belly was stitched up. Currently I feel great, I am seeing a OT who is seeing me twice a week. My condition right now is that I can type freely using both of my hands and, no pain, I can make a fist, and move my fingers as well. I am just really sad that I can’t lift weights anymore for the upcoming season. Did anyone have any suggestions on the amount of time it takes for flexor tendons to heal, is having my artery cut off going to be a problem in the future, and the muscle belly stitched up what does that mean? I am also wearing a splint that keeps my wrist bent.. taken MSM, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, does this speed up the recovery time? Thank You

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