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When having a massage once, I was told that I had a floating rib which was the cause of pain and not being about toturn my head for years.
She moved my arm around and such, and voila!Turning my head was no big deal anymore.
That has been a few years ago and I seem to be having the same kind of pain and neck problems. Isn’t there something I can do myself to work the rib around?



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    Not really, it’s in too hard of a spot to self treat. It sounds like a chiropractic problem to me. A chiropractor will adjust the area back into place; the massage probably loosened the muscles enough to allow the rib to reset. Looks like its out again. You probably have other areas in the spine that is causing the problem and this should be evaluated by a chiropractor to find the solution.


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    I was in a major accident on 4/6/07. A car t-boned my vehicle, throwing my car two lanes over, into a spin and hitting curbside. I was hit on the drivers side car door, very hard. My body went to the right as I held the wheel, the airbags came out, I had a seatbelt on. My car door hit me (my arms on the wheel) right under my arm on the side of my breast and where the ribs are under there. I now feel a popping in there with movements and of course, bruised feeling and much soreness when I cough or sneeze or even clear my throat. Emergency room says no fractures anywhere, but could this popping be a floating rib? Or ligament popping? The follow up doctor told me there was nothing they could do about it. Will this popping stop if it is a floating rib? The popping didn’t start until 3 days after the accident.


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