fluid inside the knee

I have knee fluid problems since I was 37 years old, now I am 45. I had four surgeries, three orthroscopic, and one open knee surgery. They can not help. The fluid is constantly in my knee, no drugs can help to take it away, except of Cortizone, which helps for about a month. Also when my doctor puts a syringe in my knee and takes the fluid out of it, it comes back again within one day. When I have no water in the knee, it feels normal, I have no pain. I don’t have any systematic diseases or any other serious diseases. Just this water problem, what can it be? I also never had any serious sport injuries, can it be some type of a systematic Fungus infection, or something of that sort, thank you for your time, can you help me with my problem, what can it be?

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    Your knee sounds like mine. I had arthorosopicoperation for a torn cartlidge. Fluid on the kneewas present within a month after surgery. I thenhad an OSTEOTOMY my Doctor thinking that would fix it……..nothing has helped he problem. I getit drained about every six weeks. Usually 40 cc’sof fluid are taken out. I play tennis every otherday, it does not swell much, and hardly any pain, but when the fluid starts building up the knee gets weak, and tired………but hardly any pain.If you hear of any procedure please e-mail me. I have had synvesc shots also….two series ofthem, but nothing has helped so far.Roger


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