Foot aches when I initially put weight on it

My left foot aches on the bottom when I initially put weight on it, like getting up to walk… then the ache goes away after I have walked on it a minute or so.
I initially limp a bit as not to put much weight on it, then gradually put my full weight on it.
There is no inflamation or signs of visible injury, the sensation feels internal, but not like pain… more like an ache.
It’s mainly the entire outer bottom of my foot and heel, but not the ball of my foot.
I injured my knee on the same leg about two months ago, that injury has mostly healed, but I’m still working it with an elastic tube and swimming to get it strengthened.
The foot aching didn’t begin until around two weeks ago.
I have been wondering if this foot ache could be related to the knee injury somehow?
I’ve been waiting to see if it heals itself.
Do you have any ideas about it?


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