Foot and ankel pain

About a week ago I starterd having trouble walking and putting weight on my right foot and ankle.
There is a stabbging pain on the ball of the foot and the ankel feels like it is rolling to the outside.
If I twist or flex the foot too quickly or too much it hurts to the point that I can’t walk on it.
I do not recall having hurt it by slipping or other event, but I have been using a stationary bike at the Dr. advive after having kidney stones.
He advised me to work out vigorously, which I did…with no pain at the time.
Could I have just sprained the ankel and foot bones?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There is obviously something wrong, but I can not tell without evaluating your foot. There may be a tendon problem. I recommend you see a podiatrist for further evaluation.


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