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I wrote a few days ago about injuring my right foot and ankle after a recent sprain on the left ankle. I hopped so much on the right, to keep the left from further injury, that the right began to fatigue. The top of the foot began to tingle and it became increasingly hard to raise the foot up and down. Eventually, the pain radiated into the outer side of the right ankle, underneath, and made the ankle feet compressed. The only relief was to turn the foot inward until the ankle “popped”. If this is tendonitis or something, what is the course of treatement and how long will this take to go away. This has been a problem now for several weeks. (Of course the originally sprained left ankle has gotten better).


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry I can’t answer every question in a timely manner. Some questions I do not even attempt to. Others do not realize that the information they post is woefully insufficient to even guess at what is going on. My recommendation is that you see a podiatrist for further evaluation.
    Good luck.


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    I am not a doctor, but have spent some time reading about foot problems. Do a search on the peronneal nerve. It begins on the outside of the knee and innervates the top of the foot. It also helps you lift your toes up and down at the ankle. Also do a search for “foot drop.”You should get to a doctor ASAP, so that you do not do permanent damage if that is the problem.


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