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I’ve been having foot cramps on the tops of my feet. Usually in the evening and not following any excercise. I’ll just be laying on the couch or sleeping and move my feet around and get a cramp that runs from the slits of my toes, up the top of my foot to just above where my ankle meets my foot. I got the same cramps when I was pregnant many years ago, I know for a fact i’m not pregnant. It also causes my toes to almost freeze or become paralized and bent or “clawlike”. Just wondering what I can do to relieve the cramp since it’s on the top of the foot where it’s not fleshy to really massage. someone suggested taking an asprin every day to relax the muscles. I’ve always had this problem. Nobody has a answer. I have read allot of these same problems in your web page. Please help…


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    While it might seem that all you need is a simple aspirin (which does not “relax your muscles”) That is probably not the answer. The cause may range from the shape of your foot causing the tendons to go into spasm all the way to having a hereditary neuromuscular disorder, such as Charcot Marie Tooth disease. As I seem to tell everyone else on this forum, go get your feet examined by a podiatrist. Good luck.


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      My son has these sudden foot and toe cramps. He is in terrible pain for about 10-20 minutes. It happens frequently when he’s swimming or playing sports. What causes them and what can I do to prevent them? Thank you.


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