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Hello, I am currently taking care of my 26 year old sister who was in a severe car accident.
She has a broken L clavicle broken pelvis in three places R and L broken L femur broken L tibia/fibula L ankle and L foot.
She had surgery to correct the femur and tib/fib (rods were placed).
The pelvis was not operated on.
We were told by the ortho that no standing for 8 more weeks but we need to work on moving!
She has no insurance and no PT, I’m her PT.
We were given a very few instructions by the PT in the hospital but I am concerned that there should be more that I need to do for her.
We saw the doctor today and he gave a couple of suggestions on pt moves.
Would you be able to help us? Thank you.


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    How long ago was the accident? What type of “moves” did the doc tell you to do? Where is your sister now? Where do you [email protected]


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    I am looking for a good protocol on footdrop. I have a patient who had a TKR and now has footdrop. Her ortho tells her to just be patient and it will eventually come back. She is very eager to rehab it. Even if you could give me a website I could check out, I would appreciate it. I know the basics but was looking for something a little more advanced. Thanks!!!


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