Foot drop and stroke

My father is a 64 year old who experienced a stroke 03-15-1992.
His recovery went very well, and aside from a few minor life adjustments, he had been doing very well. Over the last three years or so, his left foot is turning inward (foot drop) more and more and he is unable to wear the orthopedic brace that was made for him due to extreme discomfort. Because his ankle is twisted, when he wears the brace, his ankle rubs the bone and this cases pain.
I am curious to know if there is a treatment available that would help him and allow him to wear his present brace or any brace.
He won’t go to therapy because he can’t support his ankle without the brace and he won’t wear the brace because of the discomfort. Any information you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
I may be contacted either by email, telephone or written correspondence at my home:[email protected] Angelia Brown-Gaylor421 Scottfield TerraceBallwin, MO 63011or 636.391.1872 Home or 636.537.1010 office. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    Chances are he may have some tone left in the foot causing it to pull inward. Is anyone doing range of motion on his ankle? Where are the folks that made the brace? Call them and tell them of your concerns and have them look at it. Next, try to get him to therapy even if you have to rent a wheelchair for a short time so they (PT) can assess him. If he doesn’t get it looked at soon he may be chair ridden and I’m sure that’s not what he wants.


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