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I was just dx with a jones fracture…the ortho was all for putting a screw in it until he found out I had hepatitis C..( he seems like a nice guy,at least he’s honest)now I’m in a walking cast with a recheck in 3 weeks…should I go elsewhere?…also, I have a chronic(years) bubbly rash that looks just like athletes foot…but my family doc did a biopsy and it came back contact dermatitis(I doubted the athletes foot idea because no one else in the family has ever got it)…any clues what the contact could be?…since it’s been years and all different shoes and all different times of the year etc… Thanks Debbi

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I’m not exactly sure what Hep C would have to do with your Jones fracture- perhaps the doctor is concerned about a surgical accident and possibly getting infected. The cast is certainly an OK thing to do and even a bone stimulator is a possibility if you could get the insurance to pay.As far as the skin problem, you could actually have atopic dermatitis which is an immunological condition. You might have your doctor try Elidel cream (it is an RX)


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