Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The answer can vary depending on where the fracture is and what position it is in. What kind of cast do you have- a walking or non walking cast? I am surprised your doctor did not discuss this with you.


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    I have been having problems with left foot, for 40yrs. I have already seen a nero surgen. She said there is nothing they can do. I went to a foot doctor, and he is trying to keep me on my feet. I have this left foot that goes crazy like numbness, it happens when I get scared or when I step the wrong way with my right foot. He believes from all the sugery’s I have had which is 4. There is nerve damage in the bottom of my foot. That it never heeled. Since I have been having the problem with the left foot. I am a 53yr women who is having problems of staying on her feet, because of the spasms in the bottom of the foot, or numbness, which comes and goes just for second’s at time. He gave me medicine to try to get the circulation going in the foot. He also gave me a splint to where on my right foot, so I can keep my balance when the left foot goes into a spasms or numbness as you call it. So far before I went to this doctor, I have fell at least 6 times, because of loosing my balance. I was wondering, if they can do this Diapulse. Will it stop the spams or numbness? Interested Bd


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