foot pain

I have a small area od my foot that is painful to the touch and also is constantly in pain.
It is on the outside of my foot just in front of the ankle bone and I can’t figure it out. It feels as if something fell on it and the only thing I did was to walk on the treadmill which is when I started feeling the pain.If you can help I would be so thankful.Millie

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    Dear Millie, It is very difficult to properly advise you on this type of problem not seeing it. It could be a over-exertion strain due to walking on the treadmill, but the location seems odd. Does it feel hot? Does it move when you feel it? Does it hurt to stand on it? Is it discolored? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you should go get it checked out. If it truly is only a strain, it should feel a lot better within seven days or so. Please get it checked out if there is concern. Thanks for the question and good luck.


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