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I’m a 32 year old male who loves playing basketball.
I’ve broken my right ankle, and have a metal plate with 7 screws holding me together(since 94).
I was also told I had a hairline fracture in my left ankle soon after that, and supposedly it was not bad enough where they could do anything to fix it.
By 1996, I started having lots of aching pain in both my feet.
I’ve been dealing with it every since.
I’m a chronic ankle sprainer, and if I don’t where a brace, my left ankle will turn if I step on a quarter.
Many people have told me I have plantar fascitis, and all I can do is keep streching it(including my pathetic HMO doctor).
All the stretching in the world has not helped one bit.
I’m very active, but if I’m up on my feet for an hour or more, I start to develop the aching feeling in the bottom of my feet.
The longer I’m on my feet, the pain creeps up on the backside of both my legs behind my knees.
No matter how many advils I take, or Bengay I put on, the only way the pain will go away is if I stay off my feet for long periods.
I really would like to get rid of this pain, sometimes after a long day on my feet, I feel 72, not 32.
Anything you can suggest.
The pain is never sharp, and in one area of my feet.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    See if your HMO doctor will send you to a podiatrist. If that is not possible, you might consider making an appointment on your own. There are many different treatments available for plantar fasciitis. Good luck.


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    I’d like some advise also on my ankle painTwo surgries and still in chronic painEd


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