Foot Pain

I had an ankle reconstruction 2 years ago for a evulsion fracture.
I was told the procedure would “tighten” my ankle so it wouldn’t be prone to “rolling outward”.
The ankle is tighter and doesn’t roll, but I now have chronic foot pain in the arch.
OTC pain meds aren’t effective.
I have had 2 cortisone shots with no relief.
I’ve tried icing, stretching, heat, orthotics…all with no relief.
Additionally, the arch on that foot appears to be somewhat lower than my other foot.
I was told (by the same surgeon) that it was NOT related to the surgery.
With my options exhausted, he now recommends a Fascia Release.
Does this sound right to you? Any thoughts/feedback are greatly apreciated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The blue is blood that has collected under the nail from the injury. The odor is likely from an infection that is starting. I am not a fan of peroxide- people think it does something magical becasue it bubbles. It doesn’t. You need to get this looked at and possibly be on an antibiotic


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