foot pain

I have tarsal tunnel and also a heel spur.
I was seeing a podiatry about six months ago.
I have had two shots in ankle and one in the heel.
The one in heel did me in,very painful.
I quit seeing him.
I have had severe pain still.Now the pain is is at bottom of leg with constant cramping and pain in foot.Not sure what to do or who to see who won’t be amused on the pain you are having with a shot in the heel.
Which the last podiatry was.Any help thanks.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    While I agree these shots are not pleasant, I always try to give the least painful injection I can. This is what patients remember! From what you wrote, it might be that your tarsal tunnel problem is getting worse. I recommend you go see another podiatrist. When you call, ask if the doctor treats tarsal tunnel syndrome.


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