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I am a gout patient. My family has diabetic. I have flat feet. Since I worked at a pizza shop kitchen two months ago, I felt foot pain everyday. It comes stronger and stronger. First, I thought that it was gout. After 2 week, I think it might be something else, since it lasted more than 2 weeks. Gout does not last so long. Second, I thought that it was flat feet. I bought an arch support insole. It still does not work. Usually, the arch support should reduce the pain. Last Friday, my foot was so painful that I could not stand up could not walk at all. I went to hospital and did examination. Doctors took X-Ray and blood test and said your bone is not broken and blood test result is normal. Your foot is neighter gout nor diabetic. I do not have any idea which will cause the foot so painful. I really appreciate you could give me some suggestions or directions to figure what happens to my foot.
Thanks again.
Inung Huang

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your foot pain might be biomechanical. This means the way your foot is put together is not ideal. You might be better off seeing a podiatrist who might make you a custom made arch support (orthotic) that will help control your feet and give better support. Good luck


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