foot pain

I am having a problem with both feet.
The pain is on the bottom beneath the toes, and towards the outer edge.
When I touch the area I can feel a few hard pointy areas that are also visible on the foot.
At times the pain is so bad it hurts to walk.
Any idea what this could be?

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    I am a 35 year old active female I have taught step aerobics for ten years, last feb I had to stop due to severe achillies tendon pain, I was seen by an orthopedic and was ex rayed and MRI I was put into a walking boot there was micro tears around the area in november I had surgeryhe relesed the seral nerve and removed the bursaafter surgery I began to get worse I saw another orthopedic he in turn put me back into the walking boot, when I came out of the boot the other foot started bothering me as well, I was then sent to a nother doctor who booted both feet (not fun) 5 weeks later came out a day later same pain then off to the foot doctor he recomended custom made orethotics 200.00 dollars later still in pain. I have been going to physical theropy for over a year, he has done ultra sound with and without cortisone he has done the cortisone withthe electron hooked up to me stretching massage excersise nothing is working no on knows what is wrong help any suggestionsDoreen


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