foot pain- neurom/P. Fascitis or both

I resently experienced severe pain in my arches, under the balls of my feet and down the center of my foot after a 4 mile run in a new pair of shoes. I switched back to my old pair but just having them on hurts. I took to wering sandals beacuse it is the only thing that did not cause discomfort. When I have my runnin shoes on the balls of my feet begin to ache immediately and my arches are very uncomfotable and hurt. It feels like someone put a rock in the arch of my shoe. In the past 2 days, the toe next to my big toe has started to get this wierd sensation…not exactly tingking.. It almost feels like it is floating or under some (non-painful) pressure. This problem did not come on gradual.. It seems to have happened overnight. I am going nuts not being able to run. I am at a loss and cannot get to a doctor for about another 1.5 months. Any suggestions?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your description contains common elements to both diagnoses. I suggest you try to be seen sooner. Until then, biking or swimming may be a possibility.


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