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Had surgery last summet for Mortons Neuroma’s in both feet the right foot did pretty well the left never got better just got thru with 7 shots in the foot to try and disolve another neuroma in that foot. I think I have two problems in there think my metatarsal bone has fallen as I was told that was happening 20 years ago my foot is swollen up all the time balls of feet and toes both feet. The Dr has addressed only one problem. Can not walk any better. The orthodics that I have from the Dr are so hard I cannot wear them have lots of arthuritis as I am a 68 year old female what would you suggest. Thank You

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    My feet burn and yet feel ice cold. The left heel aches like when you step on a rock or something. It will move around from one spot to another. I have sharp shooting pains from the side of my left inner side foot with a small knot on the side. I been to the Dr and he keeps giving me pills for everything but what I go for. I’ve had neurontin, pentoxifylline, amitriptyline and none of these has done anything. I only take the neurontin now and it does nothing.
    Please give me your advice thank-you


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