foot surgery!

I have diabetes mellitus (type 2) Aged 28 and the appearance of my big toe is not good it’s got lumpy bits on it.And I have pain in the right big toe.Between the age of 16-22 I did take anabolic steroids.And I have flat feet I have been referred for surgical a consultation.
What would you suggest and if surgery what kind? and I am a competitive athlete so the presentation of my feet is very important to me…..will surgery leave any scars?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You have many questions and unfortunately not given enough information. Why did you take anabolic steroids? How well is your diabetes controlled? Have you had X rays? What type of flat foot do you have? Have you had custom orthotics? I can answer your last question- Yes, surgery will leave a scar. You need to discuss all these concerns with your doctor. Write them down if necessary so you don’t forget. Good luck.


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