foot tingling

I am an avid exerciser either on my treadmill or with weights.
The last few months both feet seem to tingle all the time as if they almost seem to be going to sleep. It doesn’t hurt just feels really weird. Am I lacking in certain nutrients.
Have had extreme anemia before.
I take supplements with my diet such as calcium, one a day vitamins etc.
I am 120 lbs about 5’4″ and in pretty good health. Do you have any suggestions what it might be?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You might be describing symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome. It probably is not the nerve itself but either a terndon swelling or possibly veins swelling in the ankle area. If there are varicose veins evident, wearing support hose might be a good idea.If you were lacking in certain nutrients, I would imagine the problems would show up at other times.


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